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Weeping Willow Tree, New Orleans 2019

Weeping Willow Tree, New Orleans 2019

August 22, 2019

Maja Georgiou
Artist focused on encaustics wax,oil, collage & photography. Fueld by coffee & music, inspired by nature & culture. Croatian born, New Orleans based.

Introducing: "Weeping Willow Tree, New Orleans 2019"
and it goes something like this:

...Another year, another scar

That leaves its trace on who we are

Hang down your branches and softly sway

While the wind carries all of our sins away

But when the leaves go green, with the coming of spring

We'll laugh and forget everything

And we'll drink and dance, dream about romance

Until winter creeps in again.. ~ by Zorita

Do you have a favorite tree? Mine is (obviously) willow tree.  I'm in love with willow trees. It's quite serious, really. At the  Audubon Park in New Orleans where I take frequent walks, there are four weeping willows that tower over benches lined by the pond.  Their elegance is majestic, and the way their branches sway in the wind takes my breath away, every time.  

Over the course of this past spring and summer I've been mixing patterns, colors  and mediums in unexpected ways to create whimsical, and fresh work. if you're interested in taking behind the scenes sneak peak, you can find few short videos on  Instagram and  Facebook. 


Victoria. Erickson

Victoria. Erickson said:

Anything I. Can learn. And. Try. … Is. Interesting

Brian Wagar

Brian Wagar said:

Love it / how much is it and what size is it…..tx

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