SPRING GARDEN - 15 Stock Image Bundle - Digital Download – Maja Georgiou Art Studio


  • 15  Social Media, Blog and Website -worthy Stock Styled Images taken by me just for YOUR brand!
  • Large full frame images in JPEG format @72 DPI with plenty of white space to allow for Horizontal, Vertical and Square cropping.
  • Use these styled designs to show off your website and blog, make an eye-catching promo graphic, or post as-is to your social media feed...you can use however you choose! 
  • What Else?

    The days of you frantically searching for a photo to post on social media (only to find that every shot is drab and dark) are over.  If you’re looking for white, bright photos that are AIRY AND LIGHT to use ALL- over social media, your website, blog...the works,  I’ve got you covered with these 15 styled shots (delivered digitallyt!) for you to use as you choose.

    Whether you want to add some text and share an announcement, or leave 'em as-is (because, they’re oh-so gorgeous just the way they are!)...grab these styled shots and start making your personal or Biz brand unique!

    If you're still on the fence if these will work for you click here to download my collection of free templates for designing stunning visual content.