WELCOME to Maja Georgiou ART Studio:: where I BOSSED UP & created my own lane

 I am here because I believe that a woman and a mother can be a successful working creative and I believe that it's my responsibility to challenge the universal agreement that this isn't possible. 



A bit about my WHY:

Art connects to life. It’s a reflection of self in a mirror.  

My art studio is like a research lab and a safe haven where I can go to experiment and fail freely void of all judgement and criticism.  It’s a place where I push myself beyond my familiar limits on daily basis to investigate how I can better understand my limitations, sensitivities, sensuality, feelings, emotions, ghosts and demons. Separately each is a fragment, a comma, unfinished thought, a chain link.

What I see as my duty as an artist is not to create new narrative, but rather connect the bits and pieces of the puzzle together into a clear form that tells a coherent story.

About Betta Project.

What happens when you put two Betta fish 🐠 🐟 in the same fish bowl?

Some time in late 2015 I asked my husband what happens when you put two Bettas in the same fish bowl? Being the geeky ❤️ 💕 💝 scientist that he is (I ✨Love✨geeky boys, they complete me 😍🤓), he replied, Bettas Squared. So, the series, Bettas Squared In the Series of Current Events was born.

Little bit about the fish from Wikipedia:

The Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as the Betta,  are highly territorial. Males are prone to high levels of aggression and will attack each other if housed in the same tank. Bred specifically for heightened aggression, domesticated betta matches can go on for much longer, with winners determined by a willingness to continue fighting. Once a fish retreats, the match is over. 

(No fish died as a result of this project)


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