Hi! – Maja Georgiou Art Studio



I’m just one artsy mom to a fierce little girl and wildly mischievous boy.

I start each day holding a camera in one hand with a happy finger on a shutter trigger and a cold cup of java in the other.

I live in New Orleans, so you know I love my gumbo spicy and so thick I need a fork to eat it. I practically live on coffee and music is my muse, always on, loud and proud!


You also love spicy food, coffee and music? Do you like to dance?

YOU DO! Awesome! I knew I’d like you.

Lets grab a cup of coffee and solve all the world’s problems together. I love conspiring with other fun, inspired creatives.

My work reflects current political climate, politicized female experience within western social, cultural confines, and influential role pop culture plays in our daily lives . And I talk about it.

All the time (well, maybe not all the time), but you know what I mean?

I hope the reason you are here is because you genuanelly care about same issues and are willing to have an open minded discussion about current cultural and political landscape, and want to confront current mood head on.

I look forward to our journey together. ☕️


And now some ART Speak ( Its short I promise)

Art connects to life. It’s a reflection of self in a mirror.  

My art studio is like a research lab and a safe haven where I can go to experiment and fail freely void of all judgement and criticism.  It’s a place where I push myself beyond my familiar limits on daily basis to investigate how I can better understand my limitations, sensitivities, sensuality, feelings, emotions, ghosts and demons. Separately each is a fragment, a comma, unfinished thought, a chain link.

What I see as my duty as an artist is not to create new narrative, but rather connect the bits and pieces of the puzzle together into a clear form that tells a coherent story.  


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  I'm jazzed you've discovered my work and that we're connected and look forward to working together. 

With all my Love and Gratitude,